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PROYECCIONES:    En Artesiete Sala 3    19/11/2010 22:30    20/11/2010 20:00    Título original: White Material
Título español: White Material
Título inglés: White Material
País: Francia 2009
Género: Ficción
Dirección: Claire Denis
Duración: 100´
Idioma: Francés
Guión: Marie Ndiaye, Claire Denis
Reparto: Isabelle Huppert, Christophe Lambert, Nicolas Duvauchelle
Fotografía: Yves Cape
Productor: Pascal Caucheteux

During a period of unrest and rebellion, in a farming province of African country, home of one of the rebel chiefs, Maria, an unshakable and brave white woman, refuses to abandon her coffee harvest and face up to the danger she is putting her family in. In her eyes, giving up is a sign of weakness and cowardice. On this plantation, which has already provided a living for three generations of white people, André, her former husband and father of their teenage son, fears Maria´s blindness, stubbornness and pride. Without her knowing, he decides to plan the family´s escape, their repatriation to France. André no longer believes in the value of coffee. He is remarried to a young African woman, who has born him a son, and is prepared to do anything for them. This includes betraying Maria by putting her destiny in the hands of the neighbouring village´s mayor whom he considers a friend, without understanding, without even imagining that the mayor is involved in the conflict...
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